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For most of my life, there has been an internal dialogue at work. Sometimes inspired, often overwrought, occasionally astute. Most of this narrative has remained an endless mind loop, tumbling out onto paper or keyboard in fits and starts, with vast gaps of white space in between. I can’t promise that will change. But what I can do is build a rest stop for these little bursts of existential frustration or insightful observation, depending on the day. And perhaps having a home will encourage more frequent outpourings of what I’m noticing about life as I see it. That may be interesting or boring, political or polite, lengthy or brief. As my 90-year old Aunt Betty likes to say, “Thanking you in advance for favors past received.” If that little head scratcher leaves you wanting more, or at least curious enough to catch the second episode, stop by sometime soon. I may or may not be onto more diligent habits by then.

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