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People hire coaches for many reasons – to achieve their goals, to navigate change, to have more of what they really want, and to make the ride of life smoother and easier.  My own sense of “why coaching?” after many years of serving as a coach, is that deep inside, most people know there is a “something more” to themselves. They want a more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life, not just more accomplishments or credentials or toys. Coaching is a partnership that enables us to explore that “something more” in a safe, confidential way, and to peel back the layers to your best, most exquisite self.

How does coaching work? It’s really pretty simple, yet it’s also pretty profound. Coaching is a co-creative partnership, which I view as a sacred trust. It is a relationship-based approach to helping you design and cultivate the experiences and circumstances that reflect what you want the most at this stage of your life.

Coaching begins with a simple conversation. My role is to guide you in excavating and exploring the many aspects and layers of you, that you might not have taken the time to consider before. You can count on me to ask you lots of juicy questions that will help you integrate both the depth and lightness of your life, while helping you make choices and decisions that will move you forward.

Most of my coaching is done by phone, and I can also offer Skype or Zoom conversations. This format provides you with both the convenience and the confidentiality of a comfortable place to do deeply personal and enlivening work. Specific programs are arranged individually, and I’m happy to discuss options to suit your personal needs.

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