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Conscious Eldering Pathfinding
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As we grow through the course of our lives, we come to realize that our time here is both exquisite and finite. This realization can cause us to become fearful, ignoring the notion of mortality, and denying the realities of the aging process. Or, it can offer an opportunity to explore the rich depth of our truest essence – that which is sometimes described as “a spiritual being having a human experience.”

The great paradox of doing the work of Conscious Eldering is this: by carefully considering, exploring, and preparing for the end of life, we can release the grip of fear and become more fully capable of, and available to, the rich, fulfilling potential of our third act. And we can access the wisdom gained from the cumulative experience of life to sweeten and strengthen our remaining time on the planet.


Ron Pevny, founder of the Center for Conscious Eldering, describes the components of the work of Eldering this way:

  • Life Review:  “Wisdom does not come from having experiences. Wisdom comes from reflecting on one’s life experiences.”

  • Healing the Past:  “Much of the inner work of eldering focuses on healing and letting go of old baggage…We cannot display our wholeness when unprocessed grief keeps open wounds that sap our energy.”

  • Recontextualizing:  “The essence of recontextualizing is viewing painful or difficult life experiences with the intention of finding what in those experiences has contributed to our growth and learning.”

  • Deepening Spiritual Connection:  “The inner work of eldering is deeply spiritual work that requires us to find spiritual practices that nurture connection…to prepare us to become elders with wisdom, talent and wholeness to gift our communities.”

  • Accepting Mortality:  “This acceptance is our biggest ally in helping us to truly embrace life and the wonder of each moment.”

  • Creating Legacy:  “Being aware of the legacy we have created up to this point in our lives and being intentional about the legacy we want to create in our elderhood.”

  • Letting Go:  “We cannot move fully from where we have been into the elder we can become without letting go of that which will not support us on this journey.”


I view my role in Conscious Eldering Pathfinding as being your partner in walking the path. My passion and privilege is to help you walk the hero’s journey of your own life in a way that will bring you to a space of deep fulfillment and the experience of grace.

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