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60-Something Groups

I get it. That feeling of looking in the mirror -- the changes you are noticing in your physical body, your emotional and psychological being, your energy level, the things that you feel “done” with, and the blanks that you encounter when you ask the question, “What now?”

So many of the professional women I know, including myself, have spent the majority of their 60-something adult years being defined by their careers. We’re proud of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished. And we have many great accolades to show for it. Still, a part of us feels done. We’re over “it”, but we don’t know what to replace it with. Something is stirring deep inside, but it doesn’t have a name, and it’s keeping us awake at night. We might even wonder if we’re going crazy, or at the very least, chiding ourselves for feeling ungrateful.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got plenty of company out there. Many of us Baby Boomer women are at a crossroads in our lives and are living in, as poet David Whyte describes it, “the questions that have no right to go away.”

We have questions about who we are becoming, what matters now, how to redefine life purpose (or perhaps for the first time in our lives, consider it from a broader platform), who our new tribe is going to be and where to find them, potential roles in our larger communities, navigating the terrain of aging parents as well as new grandparenthood, and generally speaking, what to do with ourselves as we enter our third chapter of big, full lives.

Some things are better done in the company of people who can relate. And whose shared experience can provide a kinship and an incubator for both the life stories as well as the road forward. 60-Something Groups are designed as a container and a launching pad for women who are reinventing important aspects of their lives. Come join in with a circle of women just like you, who are ripe for both big life work and a bunch of raucous fun. Groups are forming virtually as well as locally in the Charleston, South Carolina USA area. For more information, contact

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