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Retirement Options Program
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At its best, “retirement” is a new chapter, a time of renewal, and an opportunity to realize both old and new dreams. For many of us, retirement will represent a retooling, far more than any kind of ending. And yet, research shows that most people spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than for their retirement. As 76 million Baby Boomers retire over the next twenty years, the question of how to plan for a rich and meaningful retirement will become more and more critical. While plenty of resources exist for planning for the financial aspects of retirement, very few are available to assist with the personal, relational, social, health and wellness, and life satisfaction elements of a fulfilling retirement. This program walks you through a systematic approach to creating a retirement that will help you evolve a new chapter of you in the most meaningful way.

The Retirement Options Program is designed to help you prepare for your next chapter by guiding you through a structured consideration of a number of important and key areas. We will explore your:

  • Orientation toward work and what the notion of retirement means to you

  • Health and wellness habits and practices

  • Concept of financial security and the priorities that are most important to you

  • Current and projected level of life satisfaction

  • Sense of the meaning and purpose of your life

  • Attitudes and priorities regarding leisure and leisure activities

  • Degree of adaptability and flexibility

  • Family and relationship considerations

  • Perceptions of age

  • Replacement of work functions

  • Key strengths and abilities

  • Personal development

Using the insights gained through these guided explorations, you will then craft a Personal Retirement Mission Statement and a Retirement Options Plan.

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